Sunday, November 15, 2009

a good week

Well today was a great day.

So I ended the week with about 12 miles. Not too bad.

On Tuesday I ran at work with a work friend, our usual 3.30 miles. Lately it has been a bit slow but we were able to get it done in 29 minutes and change. Our best time was back in September at about 28 minutes and some change.

We were suppose to run on Thursday, but the weather kept us in. So I had to settle for running on the treadmill in the basement. Not too bad but I think our tread mill has got some age to it. Not sure if there is a way to "tune up" a tread mill but I am going to look into it. I am really starting to enjoy running outside more and more.

So on Sunday I ran with the group. We had three new people join us. It was a great time. I don't run very fast and I feel bad that the others run so much faster then me, but we all have a good time. I must say that I am enjoying running with others rather then going out by myself.

So I have been doing some research on training programs for completeing marathons and I found one that I am going to give a try. Some have already started, they are 20 week or 25 week plans. This one is a 16 week plan that has me running 4 days a week with the long run scheduled on Sunday. It does not start until Dec 1st so I will be just maintaining base miles until then.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I better get some running in if I want to enjoy some stuffing........

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Race Report - Purcellville Turkey Trot

Well it has been 11 months since my very first 5k. It was the Reindeer Run sponsored by Lifetime Fitness. It was a blast. I had a great time.
In comparison, the time on my first 5k was: 37:26 this time was: 27:04
There were a total of 519 runners participating in the Reindeer Run, 213 males and 306 females and I placed 170 out of the 213 males. 46 out of 51 in my age group making me 375th overall.
I was pleased with that. Again this was my first organized 5k and I was going out there with the hope that I would be able to finish on my own.
So in looking at the Turkey Trot I can see how much I have improved.
I finished 26th out of 48 in my age group (40 - 49), 113th overall (out of 321). I went from a time of 37:26 (12:02 a mile) to 27:04 (8:43 a mile). Not too shabby if I say so myself. I am very pleased with where I have come from and how far I have gone so far.

For the past 11 months I have pushed myself and I have improved. I can not wait to see where I can take myself in the next 11-12 months.
Speaking of...........what is next you say? Great question.
As you may remember my goal was to run a half marathon. I obtained that goal by running in the Baltimore running festival. I felt great afterwards and was talking myself into running in a full marathon. I proved to my body and self that I was able to survive a half, should I try the full. If so, which one? There are so many.
Well my brother in law has been running in the Marine Corp Marathon for about 6 years now. We usually go to Crystal City to cheer him on. After this past MCM, I told need to do this.
So I have put a reminder on the calendar for when registration opens for the Marine Corp Marathon. However, before that comes up some of the people that I run with on the weekend are running in the Shamrock Marathon in March down in Virginia Beach. They talked me into taking the trip down there. So, in 2010 I will be running not just one but two Marathons.
I know that I have a lot of work to do, the biggest of which is getting a handle on my nutrition. The running/training I can do so I am not fearful of that. I need to eat better is the bottom line. I am not going down to Va Beach with the intent of getting a Boston Qualifying time, all that I want to do is beat the sweep bus and not run into the wall, but that is were the learning of nutrition will come in.
I am so looking forward to this test. I know that I have 100% support from my immediate family as well as my friends so I have a wealth of contacts that I can inquire to about things.
I will also be looking to up date this blog a lot more frequent as it will be my guide as to how well I do based on my training. So if I don't run well in March I should be able to look back and see what I might have done wrong, if anything, so that the same thing does not happen in Oct.
I have thought about doing a Podcast, but seeing that I am having difficulty updating a blog on a weekly basis I am holding off on that. Maybe I will start one up after the Shamrock.
Kind of fitting that I am part Irish and my first Marathon is the Shamrock.

Thanks for reading. I invite any comments you might have.