Monday, March 21, 2011

What a week

Well I have had a wild week.
So for the past couple of weeks my training has been as follows.
Monday rest, Tuesday hill repeats, Wednesday 4 miles, Thursday speed work, Friday 4 miles Saturday Brick workout Sunday long run.
With the every now and then extra cross training days during the week.
My Saturday brick is usually a short run, usually less then a mile, then a bike ride of anywhere from 10 to 15 miles then another short run of about a mile or more.
I am slowly working up to do a couple of miles before the bike then at least 4 miles after the run.
anyway back to my original idea.
Until this past week my training was ok.
This past week something seem to click.
I had a great run on Wednesday and on Friday. Thursday was not so good at the track.
Lets not forget Sundays long run.
It was great.
The goal was to do 7 miles at an easy pace then to do the last 3 miles at race pace.
The 7 miles I averaged around a 10:30 pace. I then kicked it up. Mile 8 was averaged at 9:08 pace, mile 9 was a 8:59 pace and mile 10 was at a 8:47 pace.
I was so stoked.
I am really looking forward to the Cherry Blossom run in a couple of weeks.

Can not wait to see what I can do................