Monday, June 22, 2009

What a week

Well the bid news this week is I got my Garmin. I have been looking for a while and trying to decide what model I was going to get. Of course the big consideration is cost. As we are trying to keep all spending down to the bare minimum. Believe me I even thought about not getting one, but from all the people that I talk with they said that it really helps them especially on the training aspect. I figure that if I am going to really get serious about running and really focus I am going to need all the help that I can.
I was reviewing Garmins web site to see the different models and trying to figure out what I need and what I want out of the different functions that are offered. I was set on the 300 series of the forerunner. I was seaching everywhere, ebay, Costco, amazon just to see what was out there and who had the best pricing. I was debating on used versus new. Then it happened. I came accross a web site This is a website that offers one product a day at a great price. Much like or There are many others as well. Anyway, yugster was offering a Garmin 305 for just over $100. This is a considerable difference in price from the list pricing and a better price from Costco. Granted this is a refurbished model but it comes with a warrenty so all is good.
So lets talk about my running this week.
Last Monday was good. There was news of other folks joining us on the afternoon run. That should be fun.
Well Wednesday came and so did the rain. We decided that it was not worth going out in the rain as it was really coming down. So I had to wait until that evening to do my run. Which was not too bad. I am reallying liking runing at work, especially with a runing buddy or two, we shall see who decides to join us.
Like I mention earlier, my garmin arrived. I am very excited. I was able to download all the software and charged it up. I used the heartrate monitor when we work out in the morning with maya and will download that information so I can compare the stats.
So now it is Saturday and time for my long run of the week. I wake up to the sound of rain. Crap! I guess I will have to run inside and I can't really use my garmin. Well I delay and delay and lo and behold the rain lets up and it looks like it is going to clear up. There is a lot of blue sky out there. I decide to go out side, because I really wanted to use my garmin and compare it with my Nike plus. So the training plan I am on had me running 10 miles, I was planing on going for 6 and then seeing how I felt. The last day of school was yesterday and we had some of the teachers over for a little get to gether. So I was a little tired but no excuses. Well I was about 3 miles into it when it started raining. It was not a bad rain, but it started to pick up and rain harder. This did not bother me as I was already hot and sweaty the rain help to cool me down. My wife even got in the car to come see if I needed to be rescued. I told her that it was just rain and that I was ok. So she drove off. Then it started to thunder and lightning. Well being that my route takes me by some very tall trees and even a lake I decided that it was not worth the risk and that I should continue in my basement on the treadmill. Well that did not happen as my feet and shoes were soaked. I wanted to let them dry out some. Well it was a very busy weekend with other this like a broken car came up and I was unable to finish my long run. So my miles for the week were down quite a bit. I was suppose to do about 18 and I only ended up doing 10. That is ok. With everything going on I don't want to risk over working my body. I will make up for it this week.
That is all for now. More to come, including updates with the Garmin.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Running with a work buddy

Well this past week was a good one. A buddy of mine decided to run with me at work. He is a faster runner then I am but it was still enjoyable. Like me he is also training for a half marathon. His is in September, while mine is in October.
We ran for half an hour which turned out to be about 3 miles. We ran the Washington and Old Dominion trail and talked about nothing but everything. We discussed some things that were going on at work, joked about some things, laughed about others and were astonished by more. It was quite enjoyable to run with someone other then the podcasts that I would normally listen to or music.
We ran on Monday and Wednesday for half an hour each day, for a total milage of 6 miles. We might have one or two more people join us in the future but we shall see. It is a lot to commit to. I am hoping that more will join. It is fun to have some running buddies.
Well continuing with my training, I went for my long run on Saturday and did 8 miles. It felt good. I tried out the sports beans that I bought a while ago. They really did not taste too good but I think they seemed to work as I went on to clean out the garage after my run. Another draw back was they were not very easy to eat especially while out on the run. I had to slow down to a quick walk while I chewed and drank some water. My body felt good and I did not fell that tired. I am looking to try out either the gu or the hammer gel next Saturday and we shall see how those work.
Well I think I am ready to start tell people about this blog to see if I can get some help in developing some widgets on it. The Nike ones that I have don't seem to be working too well.
Thanks for reading. More to com.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A day at the races - race report

Well the rain stopped on Friday late afternoon so I was not running in the rain. Did that in May at the Apple Blossom 10k. It was not fun but it did not suck either. Anyway, this was a cross country race that traversed the horse routes on the grounds of Morven Park. They did have 3 jumps set up for us. They were on the low setting so to me it was really no big deal, although on the last one I could feel my legs getting very heavy. If there were any more I am sure there would have been trouble. As I mentioned the rain held off but that does not mean that the course was dry. Again this was a cross country course so we were running through the grass. We also had 2 little streams that we had to cross. They were about an inch deep and about 3 feet wide. Needless to say you were going to get your feet wet. I could deal with the horse jumps but I really did not like the water. Oh well. It was a fun time. I even had a friend come out and run with me, sortof. He finished 4th overall, whereas I finished 91st. He is a fast runner, but also probably weights 20 - 30 lbs less then me. I know that as soon as I can loose some weight the speed will come. I am trying not to get to obsessed with the speed and focus on the fact that I am out there getting it done. I wanted to run the 5k in under 30 mins mainly because I wanted to do the family fun mile with my family afterwards. The 5k started at 8:30 and the family fun mile was going to start at 9:00. Well I was a little short finishing at 31:41. It is a PR for me and I am very happy about that. I passed my family on the way to the finish line as both races started and stopped at the same locations. I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and I am hoping to do something similiar again in the future. I was suppose to post this on Sunday night but we had a very busy weekend. My daughter had her crossover from Brownies to Juniors that was happening at 10 AM on Saturday, so we could not hang around after the race. Then I went up to my folks cabin to help my dad with some house maintenance. Sunday was a day to get caught up with my own house maintenance. So honestly I forgot about posting this because I was dead tired Sunday night.

I will look to post again in a week.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Week of the 5k

Well today is Monday. I was suppose to post yesterday but the day got busy.
On Sunday I got up early and went to Mass. I was planning on going Saturday night but that is another story. Came home from Mass and worked out with Maya (My Fitness Coach on the Wii). She kicked my butt. When I finished or rather when Maya finished with me it was time to pick up my son who was returning from camping with the Boy Scouts. He earned his fishing merit badge. Came home and it was his turn to bring the tent home so I assisted him with setting it up so that it can dry out. About that time my wife and daughter came home from camping with the Girl Scouts at Hershey Park. It was then time for everyone to get cleaned up so that we could go to a High School Graduation Party. It was about an hour and a half drive away. So we got back very late and everyone was very tired.
So this is why I am posting now instead of yesterday.
My training last week went well even with Memorial Day weekend. I ran a total of 12.21 miles. This does not include the 4 miles I ran during lunch today. I am starting to enjoy taking off in the middle of the day at work for a quick run. It helps to relieve the stress.
Well I am running in the A Day at the races on Saturday. It is a 5 k that is billed as "A family-friendly event with abundant prizes, 5 year age groups, and a cross country course using the equestrian trails and a few natural obstacles". I was originally thinking that the natural obstacles that it refers too would be horse poop, but I was told that it might be logs that the horses jump over. We shall see. Either way it should be a good time. The family will be participating in the 1 mile family fun run after the 5k. The 5k starts at 8:30 and the fun run starts at 9. I am hoping that I will be done with the 5k and be able to do the fun run with them. That would give me a new PR in my 5k. We shall see.