Sunday, February 20, 2011

Falling Behind

Well I am falling behind in my New Years Resolution of posting more often.
At any rate, this past week was my first week back in full swing.
I was sick. I felt very run down, low energy and very congested.
It felt great to get out there and be active. I barely had enough energy to walk.
However I will say that it gave me some time to really think about my training.
I am going to continue to do as much cross training as possible. I have an indoor trainer that I have my bike hooked up to right now. Really can not wait until it gets warmer and dryer outside.
I have some weights that I will be using and some different aerobic programs that I will be using to help build up my strength and core muscles.
I also will plan on incorporating speed-work as well as hill repeats through out the week.
I really can not wait to get things going but I have learned enough that I need to take it slow at first.
I also will be looking at earning a spot with the Half Fanatics.
After running two Marathons last year, I am thinking that it is just not the distance for me. I really enjoy the Half Marathon distance and under.
I am impressed at the people who are part of the Marathon Maniacs and just recently found out that there is another group that is focused on the half distance.
I have found 2 that are within 30 days, one of them I am already registered and the other one will open up next week. I just need to find another that is close enough within 90 days of the first one. I believe it is possible but I need to double check the dates.
Well I had a great 7 mile run this morning in preparation of running the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in April. Really looking forward to it.
Well I am going to cut it short for now. I think that is some of my issue. I want to make sure that I have enough to write about.
Thank for reading.