Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 - the year in review

Well this has certainly been a wondrous year.
I have made a lot of great strides in my running. Ha Ha, pun intended.
I accomplished many goals with some still out there.

My accomplishments are as follows: completed my first Duathlon, became a member of the Half Fanatics
One goal that I am looking to do is to get my half marathon time under 2 hours.
My last half that I ran in the course was short, so even though it is in the books as a 13.1 event in 1 hr 57 mins, I know the truth and I will be working to get under that 2 hour mark. I feel that I will be able to get there. Then I will be working to do it in the heat as well.
In looking at what I have done in the past I have seen the following.
Well I was finally able to get the data off of garmin connect website.
Some very interesting stats I will say.
My overall mileage is, to my astonishment, 1,385.15 miles. This does include running and biking. Although there were some times that I was not running with my Garmin so I know that the mileage is low but not that much. The mileage counted for 262 activities. My average speed while running was 5.7 mph and my average speed on the bike was 13.2. The mileage breaks down like this. Running was 684.84 and the bike was 700.19
So now I have some real goals to look at to try to improve upon. Obviously I am going to work on getting faster and improving my times, but now I can look to improve my mileage, activities and average speed.
I did go back and look at my 2010 results but the customize option was not working.
I am not sure what my goals are going to be, but I definitely want to improve my fitness on the bike. I think I am finally getting it tuned up correctly. I am looking at doing at least 2 duathlons next year, maybe more.
Of course I need to start updating this more frequently as well.
post later.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Gar Williams Half Marathon

Well I am not sure what I was thinking but I decided to take part in the Gar Williams Half Marathon.
It is put on by the DC Road Runners.
This was an out and back course on the C&O Tow path trail.
There was not much support on the course. They had 2 water stops.
There were no spectators but then again it would not be very easy for them to line the course. It was bad enough that it was very congested with the runners we also had to watch out for other people that were just using the path.
All in all is was a very good day to run. the event was put on very well. I did not get the time that I wanted but I was using it more as a training run and not a race run, if that makes sence.