Friday, August 2, 2013

Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon - Volunteer report

For the past two years I have run the Va Wine Country half marathon.  This year I decided not to run it.  I made the decision to try to make a difference.  I decided that I was going to volunteer and run a water stop.  It was also part of Boy Scout Troop and we were also doing as a service project.
It was a lot of fun and a lot of work.  I had a deep respect for all the volunteers of all the races that I have done in the past.  However, this made me have a new view on things. 
As a runner I know how important it is to arrive at a water stop and get what you need.  Our stop had water as well as sports drink, Accelerade Advanced Sports Drink.  It was orange flavor.  Personally, I don't like the stuff but as the adult in charge of the scouts at the aid station I had to guide them in mixing it up correctly.  There have been times at races where the sports drink on course was mixed very strong and gave many runners upset stomachs.  I did not want that to happen.  We purposely made it weak but tried not to make it too weak as I know that some people will rely on what the sports drink will do for them.

Well we got there in plenty of time and got things set up.  Started mixing up the sports drink and filling up the cups.  I was coaching up the boys on how to pass out the water cups to the runners.  I felt that we were ready to go.  We heard that the race was late to start, shocker.  This is one of the main reasons why I decided not to run in this event this year. Anyway, we had things ready to go and the first runners started to come through.  The boys were handing out water and sports drink to those who wanted it.   Then it happened.  Shit started to get real as they say.  We had a swarm of runners.  I knew it was going to happen and I thought that we were prepared enough. We weren't.  What I did not what to happen, happened.  We ran out of filled cups on the table and runners who needed water and sports drink had to stop and wait for us to fill up a cup to give them.  I felt so defeated. 

I made apologies to those who were stuck waiting.   Some were thankful that we were out there.  Others seemed to be oblivious that we were even out there. 

It was tough but we got through it.  It was a very warm day.  We made some notes about what we could work on for next time.  It was a good time and again I have a renewed respect for all of those folks who volunteer at an endurance event.  One thing is that we could have used a couple of more boys out there. 

Bike to work day

Ok, so this a post that is long over due.
On May 17th it was bike to work day.  Last year I rode half way in and then rode all the way home from work.  It was a good day.
This time I was hell bent on ridding to and from work.  I was ready for it.  Had my nutrition and hydration all set up.
My wife was also interested in biking to work.  The good thing is that she is on the way to my work, so I would follow her in and make sure she got to work ok then I would be on my way.
It worked out well. 
She rides slower then me but that is ok.  There was only one questionable road that we had to travel on to get to her work that is the main reason why I followed her in. 
I dropped her off at her work and went on my way. 
So after making sure that she got to work safe I picked up the pace and made my way in.
It was a great morning and really there were no issues. 
Rode by a couple of "pit stops" and made my way to my pit stop that I registered for. 
Signed in and continued on my way.
Again, the morning ride was great, and the day went on great. 

At the end of the day it was time to head home.  It was a great ride home as well.  No issues.  I was really worried that I was going to get a flat on the way in or on the way home. 
There were a fair amount of people ridding in the morning, but not that many going home. 

I am looking forward to next year as well.  I have really enjoyed the biking.