Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day weekend

Well here we are.
I am one week away from my A race for the year. And I will say that after taking off a month from being injured I don't feel so bad. Of course, now that summer has decided to show up has really but a damper on things.
My original plan was to hit it hard after Cherry Blossom and go for a 2:05 time, but then the Holy Spirit decided to mess with my plans. Not to get too religious but we recently had confirmation and in the Homily the Bishop mentioned that the Holy Spirit like to mess with your plans. It just seemed to click with me.
Anyway, I will have fun and enjoy myself when I am running in the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon next weekend. Its the inaugural running of this event, plus it is literally almost in my back yard. In fact, I have run part of the route numerous times over the past years. I am sure that it will be a warm day and the humidity will come out, but I don't think there is anything that is going to stop me from having a good time.
The group that I run with be participating in the group competition. Not real sure what that is all about but we shall see. I am glad that my calf seems to be feeling much better now. I have been doing some self massaging as well as stretching some. Last week was when I got back into running. Chose a very hilly course as my first real run. It might have been part mental but I did feel my calf a bit.
Ok so I am rambling a bit and I am all over the place. It has just been such a crazy past couple of weeks.
So in the up coming months I have a half marathon in June (next weekend), nothing in July (yet), my first Duathlon in Aug. and nothing for the rest of the year. I am unsure if I am going to do anything yet. There is a duathlon in Oct that I have been thinking about doing, as well as a couple of half marathons. Oh, can not forget about the annual turkey trot that will happen in Nov. Almost got a PR last year. In fact I missed it by 36 seconds. Come to think of it I probably would have PR'd if it weren't for the fact that the weekend before I ran the Marine Corp Marathon. Oh well. Had a great time though. This year I will try to best that. Looking to get as close to 25 min for a 5 k as possible. That would be an 8 min mile pace. Something to work on.
At any rate that does bring me up to my goals/plans that I have been thinking about. I am going to start focusing on the half marathon distance. Ultimately I want to get under a 2 hour half, and for that I am going to look at "qualifying" for the half fanatics club. It looks like I will have an opportunity to do that by next spring time.
So that would be for 2012.
And for 2013, are you ready? I am putting it down on paper. I will look at running another Marathon. Which one? unsure.
I don't want to try to make too many plans because who knows what the Holy Spirit has in store for me.