Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A little late - less then a week to go

Wow. Am I behind. So much for updating this blog weekly.
Well it is the summer and things have been crazy.
We went down to the outer banks and had a great time.
I am still focusing on my training and still doing my runs. I have cut back on some of my cross training. We have not done Maya in a long time. I have not been biking or lifting either. Softball is over so I have one night that has freed up for me.
So I have less then a week for my next race. It is the Harris Teeter presents YMCA Loudoun County 10K. I am looking forward to it as it should give me a good idea on how I should do in October at the Half Marathon.
Well that is really all I have to write for now.
I promise to update on a regular basis.

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