Sunday, May 17, 2009

On my way

Ok so I downloaded the training program from the Marine Corp Marathon and it started this past week. I am not running the MCM, at least not this year.
Since I decided to get into running I have run three races. My first was a 5k then I did a 10 miler and finally a 10k. I have enjoyed all and I am looking to do more. I will update when I have commited to some. I do know that I plan on running in the LifeTime Reindeer Run 5k which was the first one that I ran and I am sure my time will be faster. I am working to get my 5k under thirty mins and I am almost there.
So this past week was good. The training program called to run for 30 mins on Monday and Wednesday, walk for 30 mins on Thursday and run 3.5 miles on Saturday. So I have decided instead of waiting until night to run that I would take time out at work and run during my lunch hour. I am only running for 30 mins right now so I think it will work out for now. Luckily the weather has held out and it has been nice during the day.
Softball season has started up again which has helped to put a break in the week for me.
So I run on Mondays and Wednesdays, play softball on Tuesdays, walking on Thursday. Saturday is set up for my long run and Sunday is going to be my rest day. Lets not forget about Friday. This past Friday was bike to work day. It felt great. I think I might start biking to work on Fridays. Of course that might be difficult on those weekends when we go camping.
Well bottom line is that I am starting to feel a lot better and I think that it is starting to show. Once I have commitments on races I will post them. I need to figure out had to add some more interesting items as well.
Thanks for reading.

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