Monday, March 8, 2010

last long run

Well yesterday was my last long run before my marathon. I am not going into taper mode.
I was running with a group of people and knowing that they are a lot faster then me I started out early so that we might be able to finish at about the same time.
Well, it was a tough run yesterday.
When I started out I was having some shin pain. I was following a walk run plan of walking one minute and running for 9 minutes. After about 2.5 miles my shins started feeling better. I did stop a couple of times during my walk break to do some light stretching on them.
So as I said about 2.5 miles in my shins started feeling better, I did have some hills that I was dealing with in the beginning, I started to get into a grove. I was feeling great and the run was progressing nicely. I was not worried about a time or how fast I was running, I just wanted it to be at a comfortable pace and to stick to the 1 min walk and 9 min run.
At mile 13 I came to the "relief vehicle". One of the runners that day had parked their truck so we could get some refueling done. Here I think became some of my down fall.
When I got started again I just could not get back into that grove that I was in. Again, not sure what might have happened, if I was stagnate too long at the refueling truck or what happened.
I was filling up my water bottle and eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich, I grabbed a GU and started going. I did do some light stretching and a couple of squats. I really can not remember how long I was there for, I did not think it was that long. Hey my attitude is that these things happen. I have a great 10 mile run and I am just chalking up the last part to "it just was not my day" bad kind of run.
I have definitely learned a lot about myself and the training that I have been going through and I will touch on that in a later post.
Am I ready for the marathon? Yes I feel that I am.
Will I run another? Yes I will, with out a doubt, and I have one in mind (will update later once registration is confirmed).
Will I change anything with my training? yes, but again I will update later as my training is not quite over yet.
My goal was two fold,
A: just to finish. This I know will happen.
B: to finish at around 4:45. not too sure about that one.

We shall see what happens. Either way I know that this is a huge accomplishment that I am going to complete. I am not going to get myself down too much about the little details.

In future posts I plan on talking about my 2 week taper, a race report about the marathon itself what, if anything, I would change on my training and of course what I have planned next.

thanks for reading.

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  1. I also had some bad long runs in the buildup for my marathon. I think these runs build character and a lot of positives come from them. Good luck!