Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to the Grind

Well, I have been bad not updating my blog. However, we are getting back to the "normal" grind with the end of summer so I should start to get things back to the way that it is suppose to be.
So this past week was good as far as my trianing is concerned. We were camping for the labor day weekend and packed up Monday to come home. I usually run at work during my lunch hour but since it was Labor Day I had to push my run til later. It was tough though, as we were invited over to a friends house for a late lunch early dinner cook out. We also had to get the trailer all cleaned up and packed away so I was a little anxious about when I was going to get to run. I did not want to wait until late at night. Well luckily I was able to get my run in at 6:00 pm just before it started to pour. It was raining very lightly off and on as I was running which was kind of nice. It was cool and not too cold. Well I got my 30 min run in and felt great, plus I did not have much else to do as the trailer was all cleaned and put away.
So on wednesday me and my co-worker did our normal 5k run at lunch, except this was not our normal run. We finally were able to go out and back in less then 30 mins, our fastest time to date. Of course it was very helpful that we were not stopped at all of the street crossings. It was a great feeling of accomplishment.
So I got home early enough on Thursday that my wife and I went for a quick run with our daughter leading the way on her bike. We got in 2.75 miles which brought my total miles for the week up to 9.5.
The weekend was a bit busier then it should have been. There was a party we had to attend that had been rescheduled from another day, and let us not forget about football. The one time that I actually sit on the couch and don't do anything else except watch TV. Most of the time the TV is on and I am doing other things. We all really enjoy watching football, especially the kids if it is on fox. They like cletus the robot.
Well that is all for now. I am probably going to one one last long run of about 10 miles before the half marathon. After that it will be mostly 5 - 8 miles for the one long run on the weekend.
I am getting excited and nervous.
Thanks for reading.

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