Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spirit of Columbus Virtual Half

Well I took the plung early and ran a half marathon.

This was a virtual race that I participated in. So it really was not a race but more of a guide for myself to see how I would do and guage my pace. It was also a good gauge as to how my body would react and recoupe. I mapped out a course that followed the Washington and Old Dominion trail. It was a good run. The temperature was good. Not too hot and not too humid. There were some other runners out there and just about all of them were real friendly saying hi, good morning or waving. There were also a lot of bikers who were not as friendly.

I was running with headphones on and maybe they thought that I had them turned up, but they did not acknowledge the fact that they were passing me. Some of them startled me a bit. There were times were I felt myself getting into a grove and then I would see a biker out of the corner of my eye or they would cough right behind me. Not cool. Oh well. I was not sure how long it would take me but I was able to complete the course in 2 hours and 28 mins and change. My personal record for a 10k, almost half the distance of a half marathon, is 1 hour 1 min and change. So if I am able to keep up that same pace for 13.1 miles I should be able to complete the half in about 2 hours 10 mins and change. Not sure if I can keep that pace up for that long. I guess that is why we train. Well I took some pics with my phone of the virtual start line, the turn around and the finish. I have posted them here.

Well I feel that I am ready for the Baltimore running festival and we shall see if I plan to do a full marathon. I am sure coach dennis will talk me into it.

Thanks for reading.

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