Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On with the Training

Ok here we go. I have officially started my training for my first Marathon.
I was kind of talked into it but not really. Ok let me explain.
After completing the Baltimore Half Marathon, and feeling the way that I did, I was thinking to myself........that wasn't so bad. So I started really thinking about committing to a full Marathon, but the bigger question would be which one.
Well the Marine Corp was coming up and I knew a lot of people that were running in it so we, the family and I, went to Crystal City to cheer the runners on.
After seeing and experiencing all of the support at Mile 23 I was selling myself on preparing to train for the Marine Corp for next year.
Well I started talking with some running friends about running a Marathon and they were all supportive. In fact they said "a couple of us are running Shamrock, you should think about joining us". Well after some coaxing and talking with I decided that I will take the plunge earlier then expected and run the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach.
Its kind of fitting as I lived there for a while. My Dad being in the Navy was stationed at a couple of the bases in that area during the 70s and early 80s then we moved to California but we will save that for later.
As I mentioned before, and the real reason for this post, is that yesterday was my first running day for my training for my first Marathon.
So as with all of the races I have done in the past I am working on three goals. I am not really concerned about time as this is my first one, I just want to be able to complete it on my own. Of course when I started to train for my first 5k my thought was "running 3 miles? are you kidding me?!?!" But now look at me. I have completed a handful of 5ks and 10ks and even a Half Marathon.
So, aside from just finishing, my 3 goals are: I'll take it: 5 hours Main goal: 4:45 and Knock it out of the park: 4:30
So there it is in writing. Come March 21st we shall see what happens.
Thanks for reading.
Comments are always welcomed.

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