Monday, December 7, 2009

Week one is in the bag

Well here is to the end of week one of training.
It was a good week. I ran at work during lunch 2 of the days and got up really early to run before work then I ran with the local running club.
So my schedule called for a total of 15 miles and I ended up doing 17.8 miles. All is good.
I have a little discomfort with my lower right leg. Nothing too major. I am icing during the day and putting it on a heating pad at night for a few minutes.
I believe my body is starting to get use to me beating it up. I am not real conserned with my pace but I have noticed that I have gotten faster.
My long run for next week says 6 miles but a guy I run with says that it should be 12. we will see how I feel. I was suppose to do 10 this past weekend but only did 7.5
Well there is not much more to talk about right now so I will close down and look to update next week.

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