Thursday, January 28, 2010

All is right in my world of running

So I went to the Doctors yesterday as I was concerned about my leg. It did not feel like it was getting any better. Worried that it was more then just a strained muscle. My worst fear was that I had a stress fracture. To be this far along in my training and then to be out for 6 weeks would have been a huge dagger.
Well the good Doctor looked it over and was confident that it was not a stress fracture due to where I was feeling the pain. She recommended that I take some anti inflammatory, ice the spot a couple of times a day and no running for a least a week. Then when I start back up, to take it easy, run maybe half of what I am suppose to. This prescription I can handle.

So what caused this you ask? Was I running on a different surface? Did I increase my mileage or speed too quickly? The answer to all is no. What I did was go ice skating for an hour and a half the night before I did 16 miles, my longest run to date. What is wrong with ice skating you ask? Well seeing that the last time I went ice skating was probably about 4 to 5 years ago. Doctor said that i probably pulled a muscle ice skating and then aggravated it running the next day.

So I am taking it easy for the next week. I will update on how things are going.

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