Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow. Has it been some time.
Well at any rate, Happy New Year everyone.

It is a little more then 2 months to go before I go for my goal for running a full marathon. As I look back at my training so far, I find it amazing on how far I have come.

My training has been going well, but I will say that I have not been doing as much cross training as I should. For the most part all I have been doing is running 4 days a week. I have been doing three short distances during the work week and having my long run on the weekend.

I used to run during lunch at work, but things were getting busy from after Christmas to the week after New Years so I was getting up early and doing my runs in the morning. I must say wow what a nice change. It is so peaceful in the early morning and there really is not a lot going on at 5 am. I was concerned about running so early in the morning due to the fact that it can be so dark out, but once I got out there and realized that no one else is out on the roads then I felt better. There are times that I will see a car or two but in the past 3 weeks I have only encountered 2 maybe 3 cars. And when I say encountered I mean that they saw me. We do have sidewalks so I am not running in the middle of the street.
There was this one time last week that while I was on the bike path that runs along side the main road, I did see a dark movement in front of me that startled me a bit. As I got closer I realized that it was someone walking their dog. They were traveling in the same direction that I was so I was coming up behind them. I coughed a couple of times but for some reason it was no use. Yea, I scared her and her dog. I apologized said "good morning" and kept on going.

So as I mentioned earlier, I have completed 2 months or 8 weeks of my training for my first marathon, or half way through the 16 week training program. I am started to get excited about it. I am starting to realize how much is really involved in training for a marathon. I know how funny that sounds, but when I first made the decision I was like, sure a marathon, I just need to do a lot of running. Well I don't have any second guesses that is for sure. I am having a great time and enjoying the new friends that I have found through running. I guess one thing that has changed is that I am really looking at what I do during the day. I will say that I am not on the computer doing silly things as much as I used to. I don't watch as much TV as I used to. I am starting to really focus on what I need to do during the day and getting things done. The only negative that I can say about all of this is it takes me too long to run, or shall I say I am slow. I enjoy running and my wife does not give me a hard time about things but I just wish that when I go out for a long run of 14 miles that I could be done in an hour instead of 2 and a half hours. Oh well. I will work on my speed and it will come, but I am sure I will never get that fast and I am really not that worried about breaking any records or anything.

Well time to get this post done and move on to other things.
Thanks for reading . I plan on getting back in to putting up a post once a week.

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