Thursday, February 26, 2015

2014 - continued

So I am not keeping up with my Lenten resolution.
At least this update is sooner than the last one.

So on April 2nd I was ridding my bike to work.  My last hard ride before the Virginia Duathlon on that Sunday.  I won't lie, something felt odd that day.  Not sure what it was, it was just a feeling.  No real way to describe it.  Something just did not sit right but I quickly brushed it away.  I felt that I was making some good time.  I was trying not to push too hard but at times I wanted to see what I could do.   I turned off the trail and headed toward the office.  I was on a road and was now a vehicle and not a cyclist.  A vehicle was coming out of a parking lot on my left, I signaled that I was going to be turning in that direction but the driver did not see me.  Yep you guessed it, he T-Boned me.

That was the first (and hopefully last time) I was hit by a vehicle.  It did not feel good.  I was in pain.  laying on the ground with a wide range of emotions running though my head.  What happened?  Did that just happened?  What was the driver thinking?  Did they not see me?  I was in pain.  My legs hurt.  My shoulders and back hurt.  I heard people around me.  Some calling my name.  They asked if they should call someone and I said yes.  Police and Rescue were called.  I was starting to relax and come to my senses.  I wanted to get up, however I had enough wits about me to know that I should not move as first responders were on their way and I need to wait for them to access me.

They finally arrived and started talking with me.  They did some "tests" and then asked me if I wanted to get up. I said yes please.  They helped me up and I got into the Ambulance for further review.  They asked if I wanted to go to the hospital.  I said no.  My leg was cut up a bit but I was able to walk.  I had some discomfort in my shoulders but other than that I was fine.  A police office came in and talked with me.  Told him my side of the story, then he left.  After a bit, I exited the Ambulance.  The driver was thankful that I was not seriously injured.  He was charged with failure to yield.  Anyway, I ended up working a half day.  Was able to get a ride back to my car and then took my bike to the shop.  I did not think that there was much wrong with it only that the handlebars were not straight, but I did not want to move anything.  I want the mechanic to look at it without me moving anything.  Turns out the front wheel was shot.  Out of tru and all banged up.  Everything else seemed ok.  There were able to check everything else out and actually let me borrow a wheel set the the weekend, however I need to get myself checked out first.  Well I contacted my PCP however they were not able to get me in.  I said "I got hit by a car".  they still said "sorry no appointment available".  So I went to an Urgent Care.  Doctor checked me out and I told him my situation.  He said biking should not be an issue, but he was concerned about the running.  He told me that if it did not hurt to go for it.

So here goes nothing.  ***Virginia Duathlon race report***

I was a bit ticked off with everything that happened in the last couple of days, however I did a couple of very short distance runs and felt ok.  I really wanted to get under 2 hours for this Duathlon.  The set up is 5k run, 23 mile bike, 5k run.  The previous time I did it in 2:08.  Taking 9-10 minutes off is, well, was very duable, but now?  Well it was not pretty, but I was able to complete the event. My time was 2:27.  Not too bad for being hit by a car.  I guess the big blessing that I have is that he was not going that fast. If he was going faster or if he did not do a rolling stop things could have been a lot worse.  I am counting my blessings and moving every forward.

The Virginia Duathlon is a great event.  I plan/hope to be able to do this event in the future for many years and eventually get under 2 hours.

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