Friday, February 20, 2015

Lenten resolution

Well this was suppose to be a New Years Resolution but being that I am so far behind it is turning into a Lenten resolution.
I can not believe I have let this blog go for so long without an update.  
My last post was back in 2013 after I ran the Annapolis Half on a Saturday and then turned around and ran a 10k on Sunday.  It was so much fun that I did it again in 2014, but I am getting ahead of myself.  I have a lot to write about and update on.

**Race Report**  Jackson Day Race 1/12/14

Ok. So I traveled to New Orleans with my company for our annual kick off meeting.  It was a good time.  I had never been to New Orleans so I was looking forward to the trip.  I did some research and found a running event that was going on the same weekend we were suppose to arrive.  So I went out a day early to participate in the Jackson Day Race.  This was a 9k road race.  Why 9k?  I don't know.  The race started at the Old Spanish Fort and went to the historic French Quarter finishing in Jackson Square.  Luckily our hotel was less than a mile from Jackson Square. They provided free bus shuttle from Jackson Square to the start of the race so it was just too convenient not to take advantage of it.
I am still not sure where the name came from as well as why it is a 9k race.  I had found out at one time but can not seem to locate it now.  At any rate, I went into this with the mindset that I was running a 10k.  I felt good but looking back I am sure I was holding back a bit, especially being that I was unsure on the route.  
There was some entertainment at the start, very good support (aide stations) on the course and excellent entertainment and after race party at the end.  There really was not a lot of crowds on the course until you got closer to the city.  If I do ever go back to New Orleans I will try to make it a point to participate in a running event.  I had a very good experience and the after party was great. 

Well I will close this post now and will look to make more posts in the coming days.

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