Friday, February 27, 2015

2014 - more updates

As 2014 continues to move forward so do I. 

***Race Report***

Hometown Festival 5k

The end of May brought us Memorial Day weekend and the start of Summer fun.  We usually go camping but for some reason we did not.  I am not sure why.  So instead we partook in the Hometown festival activities.  This included a 5k.  I started and ended at the local Elementary School.  It was a good race.  Being that it was a local race there were many people there that I knew.  
It was a bit of a hilly course but it was a good run. I do remember walking a bit up one of the last hills just to catch my breath.  I was able to make the final stretch home.   
Good event.  Great weekend.  Lots of different events going on to partake in.
If we don't go camping Memorial day weekend I would do this event again.

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