Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A day at the races - race report

Well the rain stopped on Friday late afternoon so I was not running in the rain. Did that in May at the Apple Blossom 10k. It was not fun but it did not suck either. Anyway, this was a cross country race that traversed the horse routes on the grounds of Morven Park. They did have 3 jumps set up for us. They were on the low setting so to me it was really no big deal, although on the last one I could feel my legs getting very heavy. If there were any more I am sure there would have been trouble. As I mentioned the rain held off but that does not mean that the course was dry. Again this was a cross country course so we were running through the grass. We also had 2 little streams that we had to cross. They were about an inch deep and about 3 feet wide. Needless to say you were going to get your feet wet. I could deal with the horse jumps but I really did not like the water. Oh well. It was a fun time. I even had a friend come out and run with me, sortof. He finished 4th overall, whereas I finished 91st. He is a fast runner, but also probably weights 20 - 30 lbs less then me. I know that as soon as I can loose some weight the speed will come. I am trying not to get to obsessed with the speed and focus on the fact that I am out there getting it done. I wanted to run the 5k in under 30 mins mainly because I wanted to do the family fun mile with my family afterwards. The 5k started at 8:30 and the family fun mile was going to start at 9:00. Well I was a little short finishing at 31:41. It is a PR for me and I am very happy about that. I passed my family on the way to the finish line as both races started and stopped at the same locations. I think everyone really enjoyed themselves and I am hoping to do something similiar again in the future. I was suppose to post this on Sunday night but we had a very busy weekend. My daughter had her crossover from Brownies to Juniors that was happening at 10 AM on Saturday, so we could not hang around after the race. Then I went up to my folks cabin to help my dad with some house maintenance. Sunday was a day to get caught up with my own house maintenance. So honestly I forgot about posting this because I was dead tired Sunday night.

I will look to post again in a week.

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