Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Running with a work buddy

Well this past week was a good one. A buddy of mine decided to run with me at work. He is a faster runner then I am but it was still enjoyable. Like me he is also training for a half marathon. His is in September, while mine is in October.
We ran for half an hour which turned out to be about 3 miles. We ran the Washington and Old Dominion trail and talked about nothing but everything. We discussed some things that were going on at work, joked about some things, laughed about others and were astonished by more. It was quite enjoyable to run with someone other then the podcasts that I would normally listen to or music.
We ran on Monday and Wednesday for half an hour each day, for a total milage of 6 miles. We might have one or two more people join us in the future but we shall see. It is a lot to commit to. I am hoping that more will join. It is fun to have some running buddies.
Well continuing with my training, I went for my long run on Saturday and did 8 miles. It felt good. I tried out the sports beans that I bought a while ago. They really did not taste too good but I think they seemed to work as I went on to clean out the garage after my run. Another draw back was they were not very easy to eat especially while out on the run. I had to slow down to a quick walk while I chewed and drank some water. My body felt good and I did not fell that tired. I am looking to try out either the gu or the hammer gel next Saturday and we shall see how those work.
Well I think I am ready to start tell people about this blog to see if I can get some help in developing some widgets on it. The Nike ones that I have don't seem to be working too well.
Thanks for reading. More to com.

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